Reduce your impact on the environment with a fan!

The appliances that we use around the home can significantly influence the amount of energy we consume and therefore our impact on the environment. If we as a global community can begin to make more environmentally friendly choices, we have the potential to change the footprint that we leave on our planet. In Australian homes, 40% of the energy we use is for heating and cooling1 and if we are able to modify the ways in which we heat and cool our homes, this could potentially have a huge impact on our energy consumption as well as our energy bills!

Ceiling, wall and pedestal fans can all be used to cool the home and are much more energy efficient than other cooling systems. The Australian Government – Department of Industry, Innovation and Science recommends to ‘use your fan as your first cooling option’ as it is the most energy efficient method of cooling the home. Fans are generally also much cheaper than other cooling methods such as evaporative coolers and air conditioners. Wall and pedestal fans also provide the convenience of a DIY installation as they often come with a flex and plug. Fans can also be used in conjunction with other cooling systems to reduce running costs and improve energy efficiency. For example, after cooling a room with an air conditioner, you can turn it off and switch on the fan in order to circulate the conditioned air.

Reversible ceiling fans can also be used to distribute warm air in the winter. On the winter setting, the blades spin clockwise in order to push the heat back down after it has risen to the ceiling. This can allow you to put your heater settings lower and use less energy whilst staying toasty warm throughout the winter.

We have a wide variety of ceiling, wall and pedestal fans available to suit every budget and style choice without compromising on energy efficiency. No matter what heating and cooling systems you already have in your home, a fan will help to reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing on comfort!

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