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Mercator Remote Control – Transforms 3 Speed to 7

This Mercator remote control transforms a 3 speed ceiling fan to a 7 speed allowing for a slower ‘low’ speed and many more speed options. Can be used with most current Mercator AC motor ceiling fans we stock (check that it is compatible with your fan prior to purchase). A great purchase for your Mercator ceiling fan.


  • 7 Speeds
  • LCD Screen
  • Light Delay Function
  • Modes: Normal, Sleep, Seabreeze
  • Light Dimmer – on selected globes

$75.00 $79.00


Radio Frequency means the remote has a long range and does not have to be pointed towards the fan to operate. It has multi-channel capability to allow for other remote controlled ceiling fans to be used in the house without interfering with each other.

Includes a million unique device ID – enables independent control of multiple fans installed within a close proximity (receiver limited).

Lights: The light dimmer that comes with this product uses leading edge phase control dimming technology. Suitable for incandescent, 240v halogen and only selected models of CFL and LED globes which are specifically marked as dimmable. A full list of compatible globes comes in the fan box.

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Mercator Remote is provided with a 1 Year Warranty, see manufacturer for details.