Ceiling Fan Installation

ceiling fan installationGetting your ceiling fan installed by a professional is essential. Under Australian regulations, a qualified electrician must be used for ceiling fan installations and the client should receive a signed certificate issued by the electrician. The primary aim of the regulation is to protect you from injury or death by electrocution.

Another important thing to remember is that warranty claims may be invalid without the electrician’s certificate and proof of purchase of the ceiling fan. So make sure you keep this certificate in a safe place!

Ceiling Fan Installation Cost

A standard fan will often take approximately an hour to be installed, depending on a few factors including wiring, whether it is to be wall controlled, or remote controlled, and the ease of install location to name a few. So depending on your particular situation and how much the electrician charges, on average it could cost between $100-$200 per fan. However each electrician is different so the best advise is to call a few and get an estimate to see which gives you the best value for money. Most people feel more comfortable using electricians their family and friends recommend – so ask around!

If you are installing more than one fan, it is a good idea to get them done at the same time as this will reduce the cost per fan. Make sure that any fans you purchase have a warranty associated with it. Here at Ceiling Fans Warehouse ALL our fans offer a warranty so you know you are covered if something goes wrong. See the warranty statements on each product page. Each brand has its own warranty conditions and procedures so make sure you are familiar with what is available for the fan(s) that you are interested in.