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We are masters of ceiling fans and have a huge range available. Buy cheap ceiling fans with confidence at Ceiling Fans Warehouse. Take advantage of our cheap ceiling fans with light and remote options. We have a quality range of quiet fans at cheap discounted prices while we offer great packages, all of which come with warranties to back them up. We also have great ceiling fan expertise so if you have any questions, please contact us so we can be of assistance.


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When choosing ceiling fans for purchase, consider the following:

1. Where are they going to be installed?
If you will be installing your fan outdoors you will need one that can withstand the conditions. Fans that you can consider are stainless steel ceiling fans or damp/wet rated fans. For an indoor installation, consider your ceiling height as fans should not be installed lower than 2.1m while high ceilings may require an extension rod to lower them to a suitable height.

2. What Style?
Look at the interior and exterior design of the room or area where the fan will be installed. Complement the surrounds by matching the style of the room to the fan you choose. If you have a modern home consider a modern looking or simplistic fan while also considering the colour scheme.

3. Light Needed?
Decide whether or not you want a light on your fan as we have a range of ceiling fans with light options so you can combine your efficient air cooling with lighting especially for smaller rooms where you may not have the room to fit both.

3. What Control Mechanism?
Take a look at the fan’s specifications to view the control mechanism options available. Most ceiling fans will come complete with a wall control however many will be remote control adaptable. If you are wanting to control it from a remote, simply select a fan from our ceiling fans with remote packages. Packages are a great way to get a cheap ceiling fan with all the functionality you want.

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4. Need Help defining a certain term? Consult our NEW Ceiling Fan Glossary.
Come across some ceiling fan lingo on our listings or in your search that you don’t quite understand? We’ve put together a comprehensive list that will help you to make a more informed decision when trying to select the best fan for your application.

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Showing 1–24 of 1301 results