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Ceiling Fans Warehouse and Sub Floor Fans Warehouse are all part of the Monster Sale Group.

Our founders, Emma & Stuart, started up with our first online store, Ceiling Fans Warehouse, back in 2012, when, working in the ventilation industry, they noticed that there was no online store dedicated to JUST ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans have grown in popularity all over Australia, as we have become more conscious of our energy use. This has meant a huge increase in the variety of models, and changes in technology (we now have DC ceiling fans, fans with LED lighting, LED and Bluetooth remotes and more).

Ceiling Fans used to be sold as an add-on when purchasing lighting, but today, they have become a primary purchase for many people, and so we felt that they really deserved their own space. Having a dedicated website and store has meant we can offer consumers:

1. An easy to navigate website, with room to have convenient categories and pre-packaged deals of fans with light and/or remote
2. Staff trained specifically in ceiling fans, who are experts in the different brands, models, and up to date with the latest technology – please contact us with any questions you have
3. Hold large amounts of stock, meaning we can ship your order fast
4. Better buying power, so able to offer you, the customer, the most competitive pricing

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After we found this model successful, we looked at other related areas in the market that it might work for, and have since founded Subfloor Fans Warehouse – where we strive to provide a wide range of options for products you can usually only get one or two options for in regular stores.

We believe that by sticking to what we know, we can be the best at it. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best range, the best prices AND the best service. Please get in touch via our contact page for any assistance or feedback.

The Monster Sale Warehouse Team

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