Terms And Conditions

General Information

Ceiling Fan Warranties – Pre-Purchase
We stand by our ceiling fans and the brands we sell. Every one of our ceiling fans comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that will be either an in-home warranty or repair/replace. Please view the individual warranty terms displayed on each product page for warranty details specific to that product. If you want more detailed information please visit the manufacturer’s website.

(Clearance!) Product Disclaimer
You will see on some of our sale items a “(Clearance!)” label – please note that we do not accept returns on these items.

Ceiling Fan Warranties – Post-Purchase
If you have received your fan but there was something broken upon delivery, please see our Faulty Product section. If you have installed your fan and are having any problems, DO NOT take the fan down or tamper with it in any way. First find the warranty of the fan as if it is an in-home warranty, the fan will need to be installed for the warranty to take effect. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

When You Receive Your Order
Important: While we take every care to ensure your order is correct, complete and undamaged, mistakes do sometimes happen. We will rectify our mistake as fast as possible, however we do require you, the customer to:
1. Once you have received your order, check carefully that you have received your correct and full order using your order confirmation or invoice as a guide and reading the package details without opening any boxes.
2. Once you have confirmed this, open and check the contents of the boxes. If you are unsure about anything please contact us.
If you believe you are missing anything or there is product damage, you must contact us within 30 days.
If you believe you have received an incorrect item, you must contact us within 30 days. Important: If you receive an incorrect item we will organise a swap to get that item back to us and the correct item to you. If the product has been unpacked however, you, the client, have accepted the item as is and consequently waive your right to have the item swapped at our cost.

Faults / Returns / Warranties

If you have received your order and have received a wrong item, if you have a faulty product or if you would like to request a return or exchange of an item because you have changed your mind, please CLICK HERE


Business Hours

Our online shop is open to you 24/7 for your convenience. There will be someone monitoring the orders and enquiries during normal business hours of 9am – 5.30pm AEST Monday to Friday. Orders received by the morning will generally be processed that day and be dispatched in the afternoon. Orders received in the afternoon/evening will likely be processed in the next business day.

General Disclaimer

As an online only store, we endeavour to supply our customers with as much information as possible on our products through descriptions, specifications and images. This information is product specific only, and therefore does not constitute advice for a customer’s particular use. If you have any questions regarding a product or its suitability for your situation, please contact us and where possible, we will provide you with recommendations. We only take responsibility for our recommendations to the extent of the information provided to us.

Colour / Image Disclaimer

We display images of our products to aid our customers in their decision making. We do our best to provide images that are as accurate as possible, however several factors may mean that the colour, style or texture of the image of the product may differ slightly to the actual product. These factors include but are not limited to:

1. The lighting and quality of the photography of the images produced by the manufacturers, which may vary;
2. The settings of the screen of the device the customer is using will vary in resolution and brightness;
3. The finish of the colour may vary very slightly from one production to another;
4. The lighting and other colours and items in the location the product is installed may reflect on the colour of the product.

In addition, as we stock fans from different manufacturer’s to provide the largest range possible, a “white” colour from one manufacturer may be a slightly different to a “white” from another. Accessories also may have some variances in colour. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help you prior to purchasing.

As such, we do not accept responsibility for slight variations between the image and the product, and any returns will be strictly subject to our ‘Change of Mind’ Returns policy.


We offer a variety of payment methods so you can choose the one best for you. We offer direct bank transfer, Paypal and ANZ e-gate as safe payment methods. If you have any concerns, please contact us using the contact form or by phone.

Dispatch & Shipping during the Holiday Season

Please be aware that we operate over the festive period of Christmas and New Year during business days only. During this time however, because both transport companies and suppliers are very busy, especially on the weeks leading up to Christmas, and many run limited services over this time, you can expect extra delays in our service over this period. We will do our best to estimate delivery times during this period which you will receive once your order is being processed.

Overseas Orders

– see our Shipping policies here

Privacy Policy

The Monster Sale Warehouse group, on our various online stores including Ceiling Fans Warehouse, is committed to handling the personal information of our customers and visitors with utmost care and respect.

We collect information from two sources; firstly, what you, the visitor, enters when setting up an account or completing an order. This will consist generally of your name, phone number, email, billing and or delivery address and any delivery instructions. We will use this information to fulfill your order, and we may use your email to send you news and information about our activities. This information is stored in the website database and if you set up an account you can control what information is kept.

The second source of information is data we collect using the website and programs such as Google Analytics which monitor visitors to the site and their activity on the site. We use this data to analyse the success of the site, certain pages and promotions and generally guide us on how to make improvements to the site. This data is held on our hosting database and on our company computers.

When you choose to pay by credit card or paypal, you will be redirected to the website of ANZ egate for credit card, and paypal website for paypal and you will therefore be giving personal information to a Third Party. You may also be directed to a Third Party website through a hyperlink or other means. Third Party websites should contain their own privacy policies and those third parties are responsible for their own privacy practices.

We do not sell any personal information to third parties including overseas recipients. We do not disclose personal information to a third party except in the following circumstances:
• It is necessary to complete the shipping of your order. Personal details will be passed on to the courier company in order to successfully deliver your order. Where drop ship is possible details will be provided to the relevant third-party warehouse or company in order to expedite shipping.
• In the instance of a safety concern arising regarding a product, or a voluntary or involuntary recall we may pass on contact and order information of affected clients to a third party such as the supplier to be able to contact you directly.
• When organising with the manufacturer to have a replacement part delivered to your address or claiming a warranty service on your behalf.
• We are now using review programs such as Google Customer Reviews which will use order details to send our customers a review request. Your experience is important to us so we would look forward to receiving your review.
If you would like to view and/or change any information of yours we may have, please email us.

If you would like to seek more information about privacy laws in Australia, or would like to make a complaint, please visit www.oaic.gov.au