Package Ceiling Fans Information

Information For Ceiling Fans

Control Mechanism
If your ceiling fan package comes with a remote control, it will come complete with the light function and the speed settings for the ceiling fan’s operation. This enables you to control the functions of the fan from anywhere in a room. Please note that in most cases you will need a separate remote for each fan you install.

With regards to installation, you will need to get a qualified electrician to install your ceiling fans otherwise they will not be covered under warranty. If you are going through the warranty process you will be asked to show your electricians certificate of compliance so be sure to keep this in a safe place.

A ceiling fan with remote can make it easier to install by avoiding having to run wires to a wall control. If you do not want to have a wall controller, a remote controlled fan gives you the opportunity to have a remote that you can place anywhere, not necessarily on the wall. Therefore if you are not wanting to showcase a wall control, you can leave your walls for decorating and store the fan’s controller wherever you like to fit in with the room’s aesthetics.

Specifications & Warranty
We have a range of products for you to select from so please make sure you purchase the correct fan for your application. All our fans have their specifications clearly identified on their individual product page so look carefully at these. Know that every one of our ceiling fans comes with a warranty. You can view this on each product page so you know the terms of the warranty.

We have a range of packages for you to purchase. We have ceiling fans by themselves, ceiling fan with light packages, ceiling fan with remote packages and ceiling fan with light and remote packages.