Pedestal Fan

Choose a pedestal fan this summer to keep cool in your home and office. A pedestal fan is a free-standing, convenient and efficient solution to distribute cool air across a room. They are a popular solution as they are easy to install as you simply plug it in and go.

Pedestal fans are highly portable and provide you with freedom to change where they are located without a fuss. You can move your fan depending on where you need it most and can easily store it away when you do not require its cooling anymore.

Whether you have a large room or small office, a pedestal fan, together with its speed options, will keep you cool this summer. You can tailor your fan to your individual needs as our range includes those for commercial applications and domestic use, including an architectural / designer style with a tripod design – the Arden.

Fanco Pedestal Fan

We stock Fanco pedestal fans as they are high quality and include all the features you could desire. These fans feature a quiet operation coupled with an excellent airflow. With a remote for easy operation, you will find it is easy to function no matter where you are in the room.

Complete with an oscillating function to ensure a wide coverage for air movement, our fans also include a speed control and timer for added functionality. To make sure you are choosing the right fan for your situation, read the product specifications to ensure it has all the functions you require.

Features of these domestic fans include a three speed function, the option to be oscillated or fixed, a 4 hour timer and a full function remote control.

These fans have an adjustable height that can be altered easily from 123cm to 133cm. Please see the specifications for dimensions.

We offer this pedestal fan as a quality option that includes a manufacturer 1 year replacement warranty.

Simply plug in your fan and you are ready to cool down!