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WiFi Module SMART Accessory for Aeratron

Convert your Aeratron Wifi Ready models with the Wifi Module to enable SMART control. Plugs into the receiver already on the fan, the module will allow the fan to be controlled automatically with your phone or voice control (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa). Just simply download the Tuya App and turn your Aeratron model into a SMART device.

Compatible Wifi Ready models shown below

$109.00 $129.00


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WiFi Ready Aeratron Fans:

AE2+ AE3+ FR
  • PL243WH
  • PL250BLK
  • PL250SLV
  • PL250WTL
  • PL250WH
  • PL260BLK
  • PL260SLV
  • PL260TDW
  • PL260WTL
  • PL260WH
  • PL343BLK
  • PL343WH
  • PL350BTL
  • PL350BLK
  • PL350TDW
  • PL350SLV
  • PL350WTL
  • PL350WH
  • PL360BTL
  • PL360BLK
  • PL360WH
  • PL360TDW
  • FR343BLK
  • FR350BTL
  • FR350TDW
  • FR350WTL
  • FR350WH
  • FR360BTL
  • FR360BLK
  • FR360WH
  • FR360WTL


Aeratron WiFi Module Features

  • Easy installation, product just clips into fan receiver (must be done by electrician)
  • Control your fans from anywhere in your home using your device or Smart home assistant
  • 12 months in home warranty

The Aeratron Wi-Fi Module is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.



Manufacturers Part Number



12 month warranty