Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings

Ceiling fans for high ceilings are available within our range and here are a few tips in order to find a fan that may just work for your space.

Ceiling fans with a higher than average drop measurement

When looking for a suitable option there are a couple of key factors to take advantage of.
First and foremost keep an eye out for those ceiling fans that have a longer than average drop from ceiling to blade. Most of our customers find that they prefer their fan to sit at the 2.5m mark (from the floor to the blades) and therefore, if your ceiling height falls under the 3m mark a fan with an average drop of 30cm or more might be sufficient to have your fan sit at this point without requiring an extension rod.

Extension Rods

When looking for appropriate ceiling fans for high ceilings particularly if beyond 3 metres high then it is generally recommended that a fan be chosen that has extension rods available as an accessory. Most fans will have a 90cm rod available so this shouldn’t limit your options all that much. However, if the ceiling is significantly higher than standard and above the 3m point then fans that have an option of a 180cm rod or even a 240cm alternative would be extremely beneficial and worth considering. This will allow you to lower the fan resulting in more efficient performance as the lower the fan the more you will feel the airflow. Note that extension rods come in set lengths but can be cut to size by your electrician.

ceiling fans for high ceilings extension rods

High Ceilings with a Rake

Commonly if a ceiling is higher than the 3m mark it is often also angled and as a result not only do you need to find ceiling fans for high ceilings but also a fan which is compatible for a rake to a certain degree. In our range some fans will only be suitable for flat ceilings and others will be suitable up to 38 or even 40 degrees. This information if available will be included on the listings so just simply double check that the fan selected will be suitable for the degree of your ceiling rake. Note: Fans with a ‘hugger style’ (cylindrical motor that sits flush on the ceiling) cannot be extended and are only suitable for installation on flat ceilings.

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