What direction should a ceiling fan go in summer?

How do you know which way a ceiling fan should go in summer?

Knowing which way a ceiling fan should go in summer will help you get the most out of your fan.  If you use them right, ceiling fans  can offer you more than a simple cooling solution. They can also help you heat your home efficiently. A lot of customers don’t realise that most ceiling fans can spin in both directions: clockwise and counter-clockwise. All it takes to reverse a ceiling fan is the flick of a switch or touch of a button. This functionality gives ceiling fans a “summer mode” and a “winter mode”. Because each direction works differently, it’s important that your fan is spinning in the best direction for the season.

Ceiling fans in summer mode

In summer, a ceiling fan has one job: to create a windchill effect. To achieve this, fans spins counter-clockwise, creating a draught.  If you’re standing within range of the fan, it will move air around you. This helps any perspiration on your skin to evaporate quicker. Voila! You feel cooler. 

Which way should a ceiling fan go in summer?

Ceiling fans in winter mode

A fan spinning in a clockwise direction draws air upwards. This is an excellent tool in winter when you’re using a heater. Why? Because warm air rises. Imagine turning on a heater in winter. The heated air rises until it’s sitting under the ceiling. So even though the heater is on, the room still feels quite cool! 

Reversing your ceiling fan’s direction draws cooler air up. Circulating air like this also keeps the warm air moving. It’s pushed from underneath the ceiling, back into the room.   


Using summer and winter mode

If you’re not sure how to activate your fan’s reverse feature, start by checking what type of motor you have. Ceiling fans with a DC motor are usually reversible by the remote. If you have an AC fan, it will have a reverse switch on the motor. 

Keep in mind that there may be some exceptions to the examples we’ve outlined above. While it’s true that most fans spin counter-clockwise when they’re in summer mode, some models work differently. At the end of the day, the best way to tell if your fan is in summer mode is to stand underneath it. If you can feel the breeze, it’s in summer mode! 

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Best Ceiling Fan Buys for Summer

Here in Melbourne, it’s a balmy 28 degrees. And when the weather is this nice so far south, you know Summer is on its way. While 28 degrees is lovely, the time to get ready for 40+ degrees is now.  Luckily, we have some of the best ceiling fan to keep you cool this Summer. Here’s 5 great ceiling fans at prices you’ll love:

Best Ceiling Fan Deal #1: Brilliant Tempo DC Ceiling Fan

Right now, we have a great deal on Brilliant’s Tempo ceiling fans. These white 48″ fans are great value for money, whether you choose the model with or without the LED Light. This four bladed fan is operated by remote and features 5 speed options. Its DC motor uses just 30 watts of energy and is reversible for Summer and Winter use. The Tempo DC  can also be installed on ceiling with an angle of up to 17 degrees. What a great buy!

Best Ceiling Fan deals tempo dc

Best Ceiling Fan Deal #2: Brilliant Tempest DC (Metal Blades)

Thanks to its durable aluminium blades, the Tempest DC  ceiling fan produces a high airflow – up to 13,006 m3/hr! This Brilliant ceiling fan is available in either white or brushed aluminium and also has a model with light available. If you’re after a ceiling fan with an LED Light, it’s hard to find a better priced option than this fan. The integrated LED light will illuminate your room with 1600 lumens and allows you the flexibility of Colour Changing Technology. The Tempest is also available with timber blades.


Best Ceiling Fan Deal #3: Hunter Pacific Revolution 2 with Remote (Limited Stock!)

Although it’s been superseded by the Revolution 3, Hunter Pacific’s Revolution 2 ceiling fan is still great value for money! Boasting an IP44 rating, the Revolution 2 is one of the few ceiling fans which suitable for outdoor coastal installations. Although its powered by an AC motor, it uses a relatively low 48.2 watts to produce an impressive 12,791 m3/hr air flow.  But you’ll need to hurry to get your hands on one of these great deals. We only have a few of the Brushed Aluminium and Matt Black models left. If you prefer a different colour thought, there’s no need to despair. The Revolution 3 is now in stock and available in a range of colour and light options.

Best Ceiling Fan Deal #4: Ventair Spyda range

The Spyda range from Ventair is expanding this year to include even more size and colour options. If you like the look of a Spyda, it doesn’t matter which size or colour you choose, you know you’re getting a good price. Right now, the best deals in the Spyda range can be found in the larger sizes – but the 36 inch sizes are also great value for money.

Best Ceiling Fan Deal #5:  Fanco Wynd

The Wynd is a beautiful fan at a wonderful price.  The Wynd is an extremely energy efficient ceiling fan, with 6 speeds and a reversible motor. This beautiful combination of oil rubbed bronze and walnut finished blades is very good value for money. The Wynd can run off as little as 2 watts on its lowest settings, and is capable of reaching an airflow of 9,743 m3/hr.




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Best Ceiling Fans for Large Areas

The best ceiling fans for large areas will often depend on your individual application. Ask yourself what your priorities are, for example: do you require exceptionally high airflow or do you want a stunning feature for your space? Either way we have you covered.
It will also depend on how large you prefer the fan to be, which of course will be in direct correlation to how large the room is where the fan will be installed. Our larger ceiling fans range from 56” (142cm) in diameter to a massive 95” (241cm). View our entire Large Ceiling Fan range.

The largest fan currently at 95” is the Rhino ceiling fan, with 9 durable aluminium blades and an airflow of up to 17,234 m3/hr. This model is also available in a 79” as well as a colour combination with a brushed chrome motor and black blades.

The highest air movers within our range however, are both 84” options. These include the Hercules ceiling fans which have superseded the incredibly popular Maelstrom featuring a few minor cosmetic changes whilst still maintaining its industrial style. It reaches a maximum of 24,384 m3/hr and even on low moves 8,765 m3/hr. That’s almost as much as a standard ceiling fan yet on the lowest speed!

The Odyn has a unique, designer and industrial style utilising High Volume, Low speed technology (HVLS) ideal for sweeping airflow in large spaces. It efficiently circulates a powerful 19,010 m3/hr on the highest of 6 speeds and reverse functionality for use all year round. Even the first speed of is the equivalent of a standard 52” fan moving 9,429 m3/hr.

best ceiling fans for large areas

A commonly asked question is what is the largest fan that is suitable for outdoor, undercover use? Even though the range is limited especially toward the higher end of the spectrum we do have a couple great options worth considering.
The Trident DC Ceiling Fan has options available with a 70” blade span, an impressive airflow of 16,846 m3/hr and is also IP23 rated. Note that only the models with a black or white motor are suitable for outdoor, undercover use. The Satin Nickel models are suitable for indoor use only.

The second outdoor option when determining the best ceiling fans for large areas is whether you would like it to make a stunning feature. Particularly if in a tropical inspired area the Windpointe V2 ceiling fan might be the ideal option. It has the option of a 70” or 80” blade span and intricate detailing on the blade arms. The 70” models have a maximum airflow of 12,887 m3/hr and the 80” models reach 14,092 m3/hr.

Keep in mind that your space may not always require the largest fans in our range. If you’ll be sitting directly under where the fan is installed then a 56” above the dining table may just do the trick. Another common approach is to segment the space and have a few smaller fans placed throughout. This will increase the number of fans you have to choose from within our range ensuring that the style selected perfectly fits in with the décor. In this scenario you could always opt for a fan like Fanco’s Choice Recommended Origin DC with a high airflow of 13,446 m3/hr and ideal for sectional use in open plan areas.

best ceiling fans for large areas

Want your fan to also be your main lighting source? Well every single one of the options listed in this blog, except for the Rhino, are either light adaptable or have a model available with an integrated light!

If you need any assistance in choosing the best ceiling fans for large areas based on your application and space feel free to contact our lovely sales team on 03 8578 6777 or submit a query here

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What does CCT LED stand for and what advantages does it have?

You may be seeing the term CCT LED light on some of our listings but perhaps are a bit unsure of what this actually means and how it would be a benefit to you.

CCT refers to Colour Changing Technology. Simply put, rather than the LED Panel being one temperature and having to choose whether you would prefer the yellow glow of a warm white light or a cooler, more natural white, this feature provides you with the option to interchange between shades. This can be done directly from the LED panel which would require removing the diffuser (glass cover) to set the light to the preferred colour at any given time. Generally, each fan with this technology is limited to three temperature options ranging from Warm White to Daylight.

If a little unsure what temperatures would suit your space this will also give you the flexibility to choose the lighting to a certain degree once installed. In a more modern home, specifically in living or dining rooms a natural or cool white is quite common. Whereas, more traditional homes see our customers leaning towards a warm white, particularly for bedrooms.
This now also ensures the same styled fan can be installed throughout your home keeping it consistent, while providing the versatility to select the appropriate temperature for each space based on your requirements.

To better understand the difference between the glows each temperature would emit within the room take a look at our Ceiling Fan Glossary, which gives you a general description that may help you visualise the light output.

Otherwise the Kelvin scale which is used to measure the temperature will be able to show you in a little more detail where a certain temperature or value lands on the wider spectrum. See below:

cct led kelvin scale

Which fans in our range have a CCT LED Light option?

A few examples of the models that utilise this new technology are as follows:

The Urban 2 DC which allows you to interchange between Warm White (3000k), Neutral White (4000k) and Cool White (5000k).

Another fan available with this same combination is the Martec Elite.

The Tempest DC LED range has the option to select Warm White (3000k), Neutral White (4200k) and Daylight (6500k).

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Budget Ceiling Fans & How to Find Them

How To Shop For Budget Ceiling Fans That Won’t Break The Bank

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep your home cool, without spending a lot of money on energy bills. But, with so many different models and brands on the market, it can be hard to know where to start when shopping for a brand new ceiling fan. To help you find the best budget ceiling fans that won’t break the bank, we’ve got a list of our top picks. All of the ceiling fans on our list are under $250, so you can be sure to find one that fits your budget.

Our top picks for budget ceiling fans include the Fanco Breeze AC, the Ventair Spyda and the Eglo Bondi. Keep reading to learn more about each of these ceiling fans and find the perfect one for your home!

The Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to save on energy bills, as they can provide a cool breeze without using a lot of energy. They are also great for circulating air in a room, making it more comfortable. Ceiling fans are also a great way to add a decorative touch to your home décor. No matter what your interior design style is, there is sure to be a ceiling fan to match. With modern, classic and vintage-inspired designs, you can find a fan that fits your aesthetic. In addition to making your home chic, ceiling fans are also a great way to save on energy costs. By running a fan during the summer months, you can create a cooling effect in a room, making it more cosy without having to rely on an air conditioner. If you’re looking for a great way to save money and add a decorative touch to your space, ceiling fans are the perfect solution.

What to Look for in a Budget Ceiling Fan

When shopping for a budget ceiling fan, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you should look for a fan that is energy-efficient and has a good blade design. A well-designed fan should be able to move a good amount of air, while still being energy-smart. You should also look for a fan that is quiet and reliable. A fan that isn’t too loud will be much easier to live with in the long run. Reliability is also key, as a well-made fan should last for years with minimal maintenance. Finally, you should look for a fan that is well-constructed, and won’t shake or wobble when in operation. A cheaply-made fan might start to rattle after a few years of use, so it’s important to find one that is durable and can withstand elements.

Breeze Ceiling Fan with Wall Control by Fanco – White 52”

The Fanco Breeze has a versatile AC motor and three quality curved non-rust ABS plastic blades with three-speed wall control offering plenty of cooling power. It has a reverse function via motor for both summer and winter seasons. Perfect for indoor, outdoor (undercover) and coastal applications. It has other varieties with or without light and colour options under $250. You can enjoy and be comfortable in your home all year round!


Spyda Ceiling Fan in Satin White – Wall Control 50″

Ventair Spyda is an indoor-outdoor (damp-rated) ceiling fan and is fully capable of coping with coastal conditions. Perfect for both summer and winter seasons because of its reversible function! It features a powerful AC motor, three quality ABS plastic blades and a 3-speed wall control. It has three colour options and two size you can choose from to match the interior of your living space.

Eglo Bondi Ceiling Fan – White 48”

The Eglo Bondi is a high-quality Ceiling fan perfect for indoor and outdoor situations! This wall-controlled fan features three quality ABS plastic blades, an AC motor and a reversible mechanism via the motor itself, making it perfect for those hot summers and cooler winters. It has colour options and sizes you can choose from your preferences. You can have a durable and reliable ceiling fan without spending over your budget. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Shopping for a budget ceiling fan can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With our guide to shopping for a budget ceiling fan, you can find the perfect fan that fits your needs and budget. Look for a fan that is energy-efficient, quiet, reliable, and well-constructed. Once you’ve found the perfect fan, you can enjoy the cooling effect of a ceiling fan without breaking the bank. Feel free to browse our budget ceiling fans for a comprehensive range.

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Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings

Ceiling fans for high ceilings are available within our range and here are a few tips in order to find a fan that may just work for your space.

Ceiling fans with a higher than average drop measurement

When looking for a suitable option there are a couple of key factors to take advantage of.
First and foremost keep an eye out for those ceiling fans that have a longer than average drop from ceiling to blade. Most of our customers find that they prefer their fan to sit at the 2.5m mark (from the floor to the blades) and therefore, if your ceiling height falls under the 3m mark a fan with an average drop of 30cm or more might be sufficient to have your fan sit at this point without requiring an extension rod.

Extension Rods

When looking for appropriate ceiling fans for high ceilings particularly if beyond 3 metres high then it is generally recommended that a fan be chosen that has extension rods available as an accessory. Most fans will have a 90cm rod available so this shouldn’t limit your options all that much. However, if the ceiling is significantly higher than standard and above the 3m point then fans that have an option of a 180cm rod or even a 240cm alternative would be extremely beneficial and worth considering. This will allow you to lower the fan resulting in more efficient performance as the lower the fan the more you will feel the airflow. Note that extension rods come in set lengths but can be cut to size by your electrician.

ceiling fans for high ceilings extension rods

High Ceilings with a Rake

Commonly if a ceiling is higher than the 3m mark it is often also angled and as a result not only do you need to find ceiling fans for high ceilings but also a fan which is compatible for a rake to a certain degree. In our range some fans will only be suitable for flat ceilings and others will be suitable up to 38 or even 40 degrees. This information if available will be included on the listings so just simply double check that the fan selected will be suitable for the degree of your ceiling rake. Note: Fans with a ‘hugger style’ (cylindrical motor that sits flush on the ceiling) cannot be extended and are only suitable for installation on flat ceilings.

View our full range of Ceiling Fans now!

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Bedroom Ceiling fans – A guide to choosing the right fan for your bedroom

Bedroom ceiling fans are a great tool to create the optimal environment for sleeping. They are cost efficient and the right model can look great in your space.  Trying to choose a ceiling fan can be daunting because of the variety of fans on the market. Although you could choose any ceiling fan for your bedroom, it’s worth thinking about how different features may affect a sleeping environment.
The guide below will assist you to identify features to look for and find the best fit for your bedroom.
Once you’ve decided what style and colours would best suit your interior, consider:

What size or blade span (diameter) is best for bedroom ceiling fans?

To give you a basic idea, a 48-52” blade span is suits most standard bedrooms and for those larger bedrooms 52-56” fans are a good choice.

Size is important for two main reasons:

  1. Aesthetics. For the room to look balanced you need to have a fan that is proportionate to the space: not too big and not too small.
  2. Coverage. How much space do you want to cool? A standard size fan might suit a large bedroom if the fan is positioned straight above the bed.  A larger sized ceiling fan might be a better choice if  you won’t be directly underneath the fan when you’re using it.

If you think a larger fan is too powerful, remember you can choose the speed setting. Most fans have three or more speeds so you can operate it on the lowest speed to create a gentler air flow.

If you need a very small bedroom ceiling fan, have a look at our Small Ceiling Fans category.

Which Blade Material would be better for bedroom ceiling fans?

The main reason customers think about material for bedroom ceiling fans is because they are worried about noise. Blade Material doesn’t always impact the sound a fan makes because there are other contributing factors. That said, we find that our customers choose plastic or timber blades for bedrooms especially if they want fan with high airflow.

AC or DC – Which Motor Type is best for bedroom ceiling fans?

Most people will choose a ceiling fan with a DC motor for their bedroom because they are famous for being a quieter choice. It’s still worth considering an AC motor for the bedroom, especially if it’s very good quality, which may reduce the noise.

DC Motors

  • Slightly quieter
  • More energy efficient
  • 5 or 6 selectable speeds.
  • Usually only come with a remote, not a wall control

Our DC range can be viewed here.

AC Motors

  • Usually come with wall control, may have the option of a remote
  • Usually has less speed options than DC
  • AC motors tend to last longer than DC motors

The Final Question is Light or no Light?

Ceiling fans have three main options for lights:

Light adaptable

These fans will are usually packaged with a light or have a light listed as an accessory to the fan.

 Integrated Light

These are inbuilt fixtures, which means that the customer cannot add or remove a light once they’ve made a decision. Models with lights might have a separate listing to their counterparts without lights.

 Fans with no light option at all.

Some people prefer to have the fan separate from the primary light source. If you like a particular design but can’t find the lighting option you prefer, contact us. Our customer service team can suggest a similar design with the lighting features you want.


LED panels are one of the most popular options for a bulb because they have a longer life expectancy than standard globes. We also have fans which have a traditional B22 or E27 fitting with the option of to purchasing suitable LED or standard globes. It comes down to aesthetics and how you would like the light to fit with the fan.

Visit our Fans with light category to view our full range.

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Ceiling Fans with Dimmable LED Lights

LED lights have become increasingly popular as energy efficient lighting solutions, significantly reducing the amount of energy a household consumes to cutting costs of electricity usage. In the modern era, new technology has been developed that now integrates ceiling fans with LED lighting. Ceiling Fans have taken a large step in the right direction as we find that many Ceiling Fans now come included with an LED light or the option of purchasing an LED light as an accessory to fit with the Ceiling Fan.

There are an endless amount of options and we will take a look at Ceiling Fans with LED lights that are compatible with dimmable remote controls. Dimmable remote controls give you greater control, adding a layer of versatility into the household. When previously installing a ceiling fan with a light, the choices were limited to only switch the light on or off. Today we now use a dimmable remote control giving the user a favourable experience reducing or maximising the amount of electricity output of an LED light.

It positively benefits a domestic environment by saving energy and extending the lifecycle of the LED globes or lamps. In turn dimmable remote controls can be programmed throughout the day or night to perform at an optimum level of light used in a room or space. Ceiling Fans Warehouse has many dimmable remote control choices at our disposal with the two most popular options including the Fansync Bluetooth Remote Control and the Fanco Dimmable Remote Control.

Dimmable Bluetooth Remote Control

The Fansync Remote Control functions via Bluetooth technology packaged together with selected Three Sixty ceiling fans enabling you to endure a seamless experience indoors. This Bluetooth remote control is infinite and once synced with selected Three Sixty Ceiling Fans such as the Spinstar or Modn-3 the remote control connects simultaneously to multiple Ceiling Fans in designated rooms all from the one smartphone device.


Compatible with a diverse range of IPhone and Android devices, the Fansync Remote Control uses dimming support to lower the percentage of light by the simplicity of your fingertips. This allows you to control the level of light you wish to set in one or multiple rooms. With the Bluetooth remote controls advanced technology it enables a living space to be transformed into the ultimate cinema experience for example by using an automatic timer to dictate the fans speed to low, medium or high, and the degree of lighting which best suits the needs of the living space.

Dimmable DC with LED Model

The DC motor Urban 2 with LED light is another option that can be dimmed via the remote control. Packed with features the Urban 2 is equipped with a 3000k warm white LED light, its low colour temperature of light suits a multitude of bedroom settings, a perfect choice for warm white lighting.


This top rated ceiling fan is eco-friendly and comes equipped with a dimmable remote control. It performs at its optimum in three stages; the first step is best performed needing the full degree of light in your bedroom space. The second step for the 24w LED light will switch initially to 50% of lighting, typical settings which would need this level of light exposed include spending the night reading a book. The third and final step switches the light to 15% of its full capabilities, the dimmable remote control would be ideal for using the light at this percentage whilst watching television before bedtime. The Urban 2 can be programmed for up to 8 hours to set the degree of lighting for your requirements and is an excellent option to be used as a bedroom fan with its soothing DC motor that performs at a low noise levels whilst being an extremely energy efficient fan.

Ceiling Fans are forever changing and as technology evolves so does the accessories and light options available. A dimmable LED option is a great choice if you are looking to change the levels of brightness; they are well suited for installation in a bedroom.

To view all of our dimmable LED light ceiling packages click here.

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Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Low profile ceiling fans are an excellent choice for spaces with low ceilings. These are also known as ‘hugger’ fans as they have a very short ceiling to blade distance and therefore hug the ceiling.

How do I know if I need a hugger fan?

Generally it is recommended that a fan should sit at least 2.1 metres above the floor. This optimises the airflow in the room, whilst reducing the danger for someone who is tall. A low profile fan can also be a good option for smaller rooms as it can make the room feel less crowded in comparison to a regular ceiling fan.

Which low profile fan is right for me?

With such a large range of low profile fans, it can be difficult to determine which is the most suitable. Some factors that can help you narrow down your search are whether or not the fan is light adaptable, the material of the blades and energy efficiency. The Mercator Lima is a 3 blade fan and is available in white or brushed chrome. This fan has a DC motor so you can be assured that it will be quiet and energy efficient to run. The Lima comes with a 6 speed, reversible remote included and has a top speed airflow of 10,078m3/hr. It is a great value hugger fan and the blades sit only 197mm below the ceiling.

For those after a more traditional style fan, the Hunter Low Profile is the one for you. As its name suggests, you won’t need to duck under this fan as it sits approx. 198mm from the ceiling. The best thing about the Low Profile is that it is customisable. The fan comes with both 44” and 52” blades which are reversible so you have a choice of 2 colours as well. This fan can be operated by pull cord, wall control or remote control and is compatible with all hunter light kits.

Is there a hugger fan I can use outdoors?

If you are looking for a low profile fan that can be installed in an outdoor area such as an alfresco area or a veranda, the Revolution 2 ticks all the boxes. This fan is available in white, brushed aluminium and matte black and has an IP rating of IP44 making it suitable for coastal areas and areas with high exposure to rain. The Revolution 2 comes either with a wall control or a remote control so no matter how you want to operate your fan, we’ve got you covered. With a modern look and durable weatherproof plastic blades, the Revolution 2 is a great choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

As you can see, there is a hugger ceiling fan to suit every requirement and taste, so even when you have a low ceiling you are still spoilt for choice.


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