Best Ceiling Fans for Large Areas

The best ceiling fans for large areas will often depend on your individual application. Ask yourself what your priorities are, for example: do you require exceptionally high airflow or do you want a stunning feature for your space? Either way we have you covered.
It will also depend on how large you prefer the fan to be, which of course will be in direct correlation to how large the room is where the fan will be installed. Our larger ceiling fans range from 56” (142cm) in diameter to a massive 95” (241cm). View our entire Large Ceiling Fan range.

The largest fan currently at 95” is the Rhino ceiling fan, with 9 durable aluminium blades and an airflow of up to 17,234 m3/hr. This model is also available in a 79” as well as a colour combination with a brushed chrome motor and black blades.

The highest air movers within our range however, are both 84” options. These include the Hercules ceiling fans which have superseded the incredibly popular Maelstrom featuring a few minor cosmetic changes whilst still maintaining its industrial style. It reaches a maximum of 24,384 m3/hr and even on low moves 8,765 m3/hr. That’s almost as much as a standard ceiling fan yet on the lowest speed!

The Odyn has a unique, designer and industrial style utilising High Volume, Low speed technology (HVLS) ideal for sweeping airflow in large spaces. It efficiently circulates a powerful 19,010 m3/hr on the highest of 6 speeds and reverse functionality for use all year round. Even the first speed of is the equivalent of a standard 52” fan moving 9,429 m3/hr.

best ceiling fans for large areas

A commonly asked question is what is the largest fan that is suitable for outdoor, undercover use? Even though the range is limited especially toward the higher end of the spectrum we do have a couple great options worth considering.
The Trident DC Ceiling Fan has options available with a 70” blade span, an impressive airflow of 16,846 m3/hr and is also IP23 rated. Note that only the models with a black or white motor are suitable for outdoor, undercover use. The Satin Nickel models are suitable for indoor use only.

The second outdoor option when determining the best ceiling fans for large areas is whether you would like it to make a stunning feature. Particularly if in a tropical inspired area the Windpointe V2 ceiling fan might be the ideal option. It has the option of a 70” or 80” blade span and intricate detailing on the blade arms. The 70” models have a maximum airflow of 12,887 m3/hr and the 80” models reach 14,092 m3/hr.

Keep in mind that your space may not always require the largest fans in our range. If you’ll be sitting directly under where the fan is installed then a 56” above the dining table may just do the trick. Another common approach is to segment the space and have a few smaller fans placed throughout. This will increase the number of fans you have to choose from within our range ensuring that the style selected perfectly fits in with the décor. In this scenario you could always opt for a fan like Fanco’s Choice Recommended Origin DC with a high airflow of 13,446 m3/hr and ideal for sectional use in open plan areas.

best ceiling fans for large areas

Want your fan to also be your main lighting source? Well every single one of the options listed in this blog, except for the Rhino, are either light adaptable or have a model available with an integrated light!

If you need any assistance in choosing the best ceiling fans for large areas based on your application and space feel free to contact our lovely sales team on 03 8578 6777 or submit a query here