What does CCT LED stand for and what advantages does it have?

You may be seeing the term CCT LED light on some of our listings but perhaps are a bit unsure of what this actually means and how it would be a benefit to you.

CCT refers to Colour Changing Technology. Simply put, rather than the LED Panel being one temperature and having to choose whether you would prefer the yellow glow of a warm white light or a cooler, more natural white, this feature provides you with the option to interchange between shades. This can be done directly from the LED panel which would require removing the diffuser (glass cover) to set the light to the preferred colour at any given time. Generally, each fan with this technology is limited to three temperature options ranging from Warm White to Daylight.

If a little unsure what temperatures would suit your space this will also give you the flexibility to choose the lighting to a certain degree once installed. In a more modern home, specifically in living or dining rooms a natural or cool white is quite common. Whereas, more traditional homes see our customers leaning towards a warm white, particularly for bedrooms.
This now also ensures the same styled fan can be installed throughout your home keeping it consistent, while providing the versatility to select the appropriate temperature for each space based on your requirements.

To better understand the difference between the glows each temperature would emit within the room take a look at our Ceiling Fan Glossary, which gives you a general description that may help you visualise the light output.

Otherwise the Kelvin scale which is used to measure the temperature will be able to show you in a little more detail where a certain temperature or value lands on the wider spectrum. See below:

cct led kelvin scale

Which fans in our range have a CCT LED Light option?

A few examples of the models that utilise this new technology are as follows:

The Urban 2 DC which allows you to interchange between Warm White (3000k), Neutral White (4000k) and Cool White (5000k).

Another fan available with this same combination is the Martec Elite.

The Tempest DC LED range has the option to select Warm White (3000k), Neutral White (4200k) and Daylight (6500k).