How to Choose Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans can provide much needed cooling when outside. We have a great range of outdoor ceiling fans that match with your home’s architecture from traditional styles to modern and tropical designs.

With the heat of the Australian summer, outdoor areas are hugely popular in both traditional and modern homes. Alfresco / patio areas are being built as standard in new homes as well as being top on the list for renovations.

How do you know what fans can be installed outdoors?

The majority of ceiling fans are designed for indoor use, so they cannot be used in outdoor areas. Even if you install your fan in an undercover area with only one wall open to the outdoors, moisture will still find its way into your fan and cause damage.

So when looking for a fan for the outdoors, you will need to firstly assess the environment around you.

Ask yourself:
1. Do I live in a coastal area?
2. Will the fan be installed where it may be exposed to water reaching it?

Take great attention to the IP rating of a fan as it is an internationally recognised rating. These ratings are attributed to whether the fan can withstand water ingress and/or water penetration.

IP44 – suitable for wet locations, tested for water splashing against the enclosure from any direction.

Damp Rated – suitable for fully covered outdoor areas.

316 Stainless Steel – suitable for fully covered outdoor areas.

Coastal – not all outdoor fans are resistant to salt spray, so if you live in a coastal area, make sure your fan is coastal rated.

Materials For Outdoors

You will need all weather resistant material for your outdoor ceiling fan. While timber blades will absorb moisture, all weather plastic blades and stainless steel blades are what to look for.

Disclaimer – please note that all advise and information provided on this website is for guidance only and may not take into consideration your specific environment and other factors.