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Best Ceiling Fan Buys for Summer

Here in Melbourne, it’s a balmy 28 degrees. And when the weather is this nice so far south, you know Summer is on its way. While 28 degrees is lovely, the time to get ready for 40+ degrees is now.  Luckily, we have some of the best ceiling fan to keep you cool this Summer. […]

Best Ceiling Fans for Large Areas

The best ceiling fans for large areas will often depend on your individual application. Ask yourself what your priorities are, for example: do you require exceptionally high airflow or do you want a stunning feature for your space? Either way we have you covered. It will also depend on how large you prefer the fan […]

Budget Ceiling Fans & How to Find Them

Our customers love a good bargain and so do we. There are several ceiling fans in our range that will get the job done without costing an arm and a leg. Even more than that fans are an energy efficient way to cool you in the warmer months and reduce your electricity bills because of […]

Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings

Ceiling fans for high ceilings are available within our range and here are a few tips in order to find a fan that may just work for your space. Ceiling fans with a higher than average drop measurement When looking for a suitable option there are a couple of key factors to take advantage of. […]

New Weekly Mega Deals!

You may have noticed that we now run a ceiling fan MEGA DEAL which we revise weekly. We know you love a ceiling fan bargain and want the best priced ceiling fans, so check out the Mega Deal for a great catch!

Top Choices for Summer: Fanco Eco Motion Ceiling Fan

Looking for an ecological and affordable Ceiling Fan? Look no further with it’s minimalist design and impressive features the Eco Motion provides exceptional value for an affordable price. Features of the Eco Motion Ceiling fan Range by Fanco The Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fan by Fanco features four metal blades with a 52” blade span […]

Top Choices for Summer: Tempest Ceiling Fan with Metal Blades

Need help deciding on a Ceiling Fan? Check out our series of Top Choices for Summer 2016/17. First Pick: The Tempest Ceiling Fan with Metal Blades and Light Options. The Brilliant Tempest Ceiling Fan The range of Tempest Ceiling Fans by Brilliant with 4 durable Aluminium blades are high performance Ceiling Fans ideal for the […]

Ceiling Fans with Dimmable LED Lights

LED lights have become increasingly popular as energy efficient lighting solutions, significantly reducing the amount of energy a household consumes to cutting costs of electricity usage. In the modern era, new technology has been developed that now integrates ceiling fans with LED lighting. Ceiling Fans have taken a large step in the right direction as […]

Stylish Meets Energy Efficient – The Trident DC by Aeroblade

New to Ceiling Fans Warehouse is the latest ceiling fans by Aeroblade; the sleek Trident DC is featured in two sizes (56”and 70”). The Trident DC is introduced in three finishes White, Black and Satin Nickel with several different blade choices available. The Trident 56” comes in high quality ABS plastic blades and the larger […]

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Low profile ceiling fans are an excellent choice for spaces with low ceilings. These are also known as ‘hugger’ fans as they have a very short ceiling to blade distance and therefore hug the ceiling. How do I know if I need a hugger fan? Generally it is recommended that a fan should sit at […]

Reduce your impact on the environment with a fan!

The appliances that we use around the home can significantly influence the amount of energy we consume and therefore our impact on the environment. If we as a global community can begin to make more environmentally friendly choices, we have the potential to change the footprint that we leave on our planet. In Australian homes, […]


Black Ceiling Fans – Black is the New White!

Ceiling Fans have dramatically evolved over the years, with the introduction of multiple designs, functionality and energy efficient technology. Colour is an important factor and currently in the market we see a push towards black ceiling fans and its growth in popularity. A shift from purchasing standard white ceiling fans as a must for home […]

‘Brilliant Miami’ Ceiling Fan Value for Money Choice

‘Brilliant Miami’ Ceiling Fan Value for Money Choice! The Miami Ceiling fan is a part of our 2016 summer sale, along with many more heavily reduced ceiling fans to view all at the lowest price guaranteed click here The Miami ceiling fan has a timeless design with four durable timber blades and a sleek blade span […]

Our DC Ceiling Fan Picks for Summer 2015-16

Our DC Ceiling Fan Picks for Summer 2015-16 Summer is fast approaching – with early heat waves letting us know it is going to be a long and hot one. So it’s time to get around to getting those ceiling fans and get them into the ceiling before the next heat waves hits! We’ve picked […]

Aeratron Ceiling Fan Range Expanded!

The much loved and hugely popular Aeratron ceiling fan range has been extended this year to include more variety in sizes, colour and functionality. The popular e500 series which included the e502 and e503 models, are being superseded by the new AE series which launched early 2015. Size While the original Aeratron was available in […]

Ceiling Fans with Warm lights!

Here at Ceiling Fans Warehouse we get a lot of customers who want fans with lights, and they want energy saving lights but not the ones with the harsh cool white globes! This may be especially important for bedrooms. Great news, we have plenty of options for you. There are too many to just list, […]


NEW! Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fan – The Full Package!

At Ceiling Fans Warehouse, we get that you want to get bang for your buck, and that does not have to mean sacrificing quality, style or functionality. We also get that you want the whole package – life is too busy to spend heaps of time choosing a fan and then working out all the […]

What is the DC Ceiling Fan of your Choice?

Struggling With A Ceiling Fan Choice? Here are our top rated picks for 2018 July 2018 Update Fanco Origin DC – Apart from its November 2017 Choice Rating, the best thing about the Origin is its remarkable shape. The unique curvature of the body and blades moves 13,446 cubic metres of air an hour. But […]

To Remote Or Not To Remote

One of the most obvious differences between ceiling fans in the type of control they use. Deciding which type of control you would like isn’t always easy and there are a few things to keep in mind before you make your choice. Ceiling fans have three types of controls: Remote controls. Wall control Pull cord: […]

Fan blades: It’s not just size that counts!

A fan blade is a fan blade, right? Yes, but there is a bit more science to it. There are many factors which affect how effective a blade (or to be more precise, a set of blades) will be in moving air. • Size (Length) – The longer the blades are, the larger area they […]

Ceiling Fans With Light And Remote

Ceiling fans are becoming more and more functional, energy efficient and stylish as demand for these features increase. Ceiling fans with light and remote are one of our most popular packages with options for LED light and modern remotes to fulfill the need for extra functionality. Many ceiling fans are installed in place of a […]

Ceiling Fans, And More Ceiling Fans!

Over the past 6 months, the team here at Ceiling Fans Warehouse have worked hard to make more and more ceiling fans available to you. We now have over 70 models! We pride ourselves not only on our excellent prices, but also our wide range so you can come to enjoy our great prices no […]

Get your Ceiling Fan into Winter Gear

Did you know your fan probably has a winter setting? This simply means that it rotates clockwise instead of anti-clockwise like in summer. This has the effect of pulling air up instead of pushing air down. So why would this help you? Well, by pushing the air that is below up to the ceiling, the […]

Not Too Late To Buy A Ceiling Fan

As summer continues to give us lovely sunny days and warm weather you may think you’ve missed the prime opportunity to purchase a ceiling fan. However it is never too late to buy a ceiling fan – and here’s why. Purchasing and installing a ceiling fan is an all-seasons activity. Some even prefer it. What […]

Pedestal Fans vs Ceilings Fans

Pedestal Fans versus Ceilings Fans So, summer has arrived and you’ve been thinking about getting a fan. The question is, to get a pedestal (or wall mounted) fan, or a ceiling fan? There are, of course, advantages of each option, see our lists below to work out which option will best suit you! Advantages of […]

How to Choose Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Help Topic: How to Choose Outdoor Ceiling Fans Outdoor ceiling fans can provide much needed cooling when outside. We have a great range of outdoor ceiling fans that match with your home’s architecture from traditional styles to modern and tropical designs. With the heat of the Australian summer, outdoor areas are hugely popular in both […]

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Sale

Check out our new Outdoor ceiling fan range! We have some new fans added to our collection so we now have a wide range of styles to suit all your outdoor fan areas. Outdoor ceiling fans are great for patio, gazebo, BBQ and alfresco areas to help cool your social outdoor get-togethers this summer. There […]

Summer Ceiling Fan Specials

As the sun is heating up, so are our summer specials! Ceiling fan packages with light and remote are a popular choice for all rooms in the house as they have dual functionality while they enable an easy installation and ongoing easy operation with the remote. Some popular choices are the Primo ceiling fan with […]

Under $100 Fan Deals! Spring Sale

With Spring underway, it is a great time to take control of your cooling needs. To help you, we have a new specials page that gives you fantastic cooling solution deals ALL UNDER $100!! We have ceiling fans, pedestal fans, desk fans and wall fans all for Under $100 this Spring Sale. Get ready for […]


Hunter Pacific Penta Ceiling Fan ON SALE

Hunter Pacific Penta Ceiling Fan Now On Sale! Hunter Pacific’s Penta ceiling fan contains 5 blades, operates at 3 speeds and can be reversed for summer and winter use. Designed in Australia, the Penta fan has beautiful art deco features and is suitable for the indoors. It is pull cord operated and is from the […]

Ceiling Fan Specials – Wind Up Winter

In just a month we will be heading into Spring so we are winding up winter with some great ceiling fan specials! Two fantastic sale fans are the Hunter Pacific Typhoon and the Hunter Pacific Penta ceiling fans. Check out the Typhoon in brushed aluminium, and the Penta Ceiling Fan antique brass

Ceiling Fan Sale – End Of Season Stock Clearance!

Ceiling Fan Flash Sale With the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn, we have some great end-of-season ceiling fan clearance prices. Our discounted prices are across our entire ceiling fan range. Remember: Ceiling Fans are economical for winter also as they can help distribute warm air throughout your home!

Ceiling Fans With DC Motors

What is so special about ceiling fans with DC motors? DC motors in ceiling fans are becoming more and more popular considering their numerous features. As well as being energy efficient with its 40w motor, it is a quiet performer and has the ability to function with 6 speed settings. These features make it a […]