Revolutionise Your Space with the Revolution 2 – A Top Choice for Summer 2016

Introducing the Revolution 2 by Hunter Pacific

For Summer 2016/17 Hunter Pacific has introduced the Revolution 2, the AC model proved to be 35% more powerful than previous models. So, if you want a sleek, high performance fan then this is the one to look out for. The Revolution 2, with an IP44 rating can be used both for indoor and fully undercover areas, this includes coastal locations. It’s design incorporates 4 aerodynamic, slimline blades, 52” in diameter, which results in improved energy efficiency and performance regardless of the model selected.


Both AC and DC models available

The AC Models comes with a 48 Watt motor with a maximum airflow of 12,717 m3/hr and includes a three speed wall control to get you through those hot summer days.
Alternatively, the DC models have a 30W motor and a massive 15,633m3/hr maximum airflow at the highest speed. When on the lowest speed it barely exceeds a minimum of 5 watts! The DC Revolution 2 also comes with a 6 speed remote control giving you the greater ability to control the temperature more closely, according to your Summer needs.


Modern Design with Colour Options

The minimalist, modern design of the Revolution 2 makes it the ideal choice for most indoor or outdoor, undercover spaces from those with a modern decor to others slightly inspired by an industrial seeming design. The Revolution 2 is available in White, Brushed Aluminium and Matt Black making it suitable for most interiors and outdoor, entertainment areas.

View our full range of Revolution Ceiling Fans

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Top Choices for Summer: Fanco Eco Motion Ceiling Fan

Looking for an ecological and affordable Ceiling Fan? Look no further with it’s minimalist design and impressive features the Eco Motion provides exceptional value for an affordable price.

Features of the Eco Motion Ceiling fan Range by Fanco

The Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fan by Fanco features four metal blades with a 52” blade span and an overall rather discreet and sleek design. It comes with an efficient 36w DC motor, 5 speed remote control which includes timer settings for both 1, 4, and 8 hour options as well as reversible settings for both winter and summer appropriate temperature control capabilities.




This particular range is extremely good value for money and will not disappoint.

Light options

Options with integrated light fixtures are also available and accommodates 2x 12w B22 globes and in some packages will also include 2x 10w 3000k Warm White or 5000k Cool White B22 LED globes.



Simply the Perfect Fit

The Eco Motion is perfect for all living areas and bedrooms with a colour selection of either:

  • White
  • Brushed Chrome

You cannot go wrong with its modern design or impressive Eco-friendly functionality.


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Top Choices for Summer: Tempest Ceiling Fan with Metal Blades

Need help deciding on a Ceiling Fan? Check out our series of Top Choices for Summer 2016/17.

First Pick:
The Tempest Ceiling Fan with Metal Blades and Light Options.

The Brilliant Tempest Ceiling Fan

The range of Tempest Ceiling Fans by Brilliant with 4 durable Aluminium blades are high performance Ceiling Fans ideal for the upcoming Summer season. The Tempest has a minimalist design making it incredibly versatile and suitable for most indoor rooms and living areas.

Colours available include:

  • White
  • Brushed Aluminium


Key Features of the Tempest

As part of its design it has a 50W AC motor reaching an impressive maximum airflow of 10,388 m3/hr exhibiting superior AC motor performance. It comes with a 3 speed wall control as standard with an optional remote available as an additional accessory.

Light options

Tempest ceiling fan models are available both with and without light. The integrated light kit option can be purchased both with 2x B22 Globes or without.


View full range of Tempest Ceiling Fans

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Stylish Meets Energy Efficient – The Trident DC by Aeroblade

New to Ceiling Fans Warehouse is the latest ceiling fans by Aeroblade; the sleek Trident DC is featured in two sizes (56”and 70”).

The Trident DC is introduced in three finishes White, Black and Satin Nickel with several different blade choices available. The Trident 56” comes in high quality ABS plastic blades and the larger 70” model a natural timber blade material.

The upmarket Trident is IP23 rated in White and Black finishes. These models can be installed indoors, in home living and decorative spaces as well as outdoor entertainment and patio areas (under a covered damp area). While the Satin Nickel finish is restricted to indoor installation only.

Aeroblades Trident is energy efficiency with a whisper quiet 30w BL-DC motor. This eco-friendly ceiling fan can be purchased with a 24w LED light – the choice of 3000k Warm White or 5000k Cool White.

The Trident a high performing ceiling fan demonstrating a large velocity of airflow on top speeds; it is operated by a 6 speed remote control giving you greater control through numerous speeds.

Click here to view our entire Aeroblade Trident ceiling fan range.


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Reduce your impact on the environment with a fan!

The appliances that we use around the home can significantly influence the amount of energy we consume and therefore our impact on the environment. If we as a global community can begin to make more environmentally friendly choices, we have the potential to change the footprint that we leave on our planet. In Australian homes, 40% of the energy we use is for heating and cooling1 and if we are able to modify the ways in which we heat and cool our homes, this could potentially have a huge impact on our energy consumption as well as our energy bills!

Ceiling, wall and pedestal fans can all be used to cool the home and are much more energy efficient than other cooling systems. The Australian Government – Department of Industry, Innovation and Science recommends to ‘use your fan as your first cooling option’ as it is the most energy efficient method of cooling the home. Fans are generally also much cheaper than other cooling methods such as evaporative coolers and air conditioners. Wall and pedestal fans also provide the convenience of a DIY installation as they often come with a flex and plug. Fans can also be used in conjunction with other cooling systems to reduce running costs and improve energy efficiency. For example, after cooling a room with an air conditioner, you can turn it off and switch on the fan in order to circulate the conditioned air.

Reversible ceiling fans can also be used to distribute warm air in the winter. On the winter setting, the blades spin clockwise in order to push the heat back down after it has risen to the ceiling. This can allow you to put your heater settings lower and use less energy whilst staying toasty warm throughout the winter.

We have a wide variety of ceiling, wall and pedestal fans available to suit every budget and style choice without compromising on energy efficiency. No matter what heating and cooling systems you already have in your home, a fan will help to reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing on comfort!

See more information here:

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The Latest In Ceiling Fan Operation – Fansync Bluetooth Remote Control

MyFan have just released a new remote control that allows the ceiling fan to be controlled from a Smartphone via Bluetooth. The remote receiver needs to be installed into the motor of the fan by a licensed electrician, but after that the consumer has all the power! From the fanSync smartphone app that is available for both Apple and Android phone, you are able to control multiple fans including functions like fan speed, dimming the light as well as setting a timer for the fan.

This new technology is compatible with all ThreeSixty, Fanimation and Emerson AC fans. It uses exciting new software that has the potential to change the way we use our ceiling fans. You’ll never have to worry about replacing remote batteries or losing the remote again!

Click here to purchase your very own fansync bluetooth remote control.


fansync-in-box (1)

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Black Ceiling Fans – Black is the New White!

Ceiling Fans have dramatically evolved over the years, with the introduction of multiple designs, functionality and energy efficient technology.

Colour is an important factor and currently in the market we see a push towards black ceiling fans and its growth in popularity. A shift from purchasing standard white ceiling fans as a must for home living, now more than ever a focus on ceiling fans that are appealing in terms of modern looks and style. Black is a hit among architects, designers, tradespeople and the everyday customers as a modern piece for interior décor. Stocking over hundreds of popular designs we have a large range of the latest black ceiling fans at the best prices.

Black ceiling fans look great as a contrasting feature against white ceilings, standing out in a room and a trendy decorative colour. Dark colours such as black are easily noticeable and unique, lower ceilings seem visually higher with these colour combinations present – a useful tip if you are looking to maximise space.

Our top 5 choices for the best black ceiling fans of the highest quality and optimum efficiency include; The Revolution 2, Radical DC, Concept 2, Quantum DC and Intercept 2.

Revolution 2: A modern minimalist design ceiling fan incorporating aerodynamic blades with a sleek matte black finish for body and blades. Hunter Pacific’s Revolution 2 is a great purchase installation done either indoors or outdoors for the hot summer seasons being coastal and wet rated.

Radical DC: One of the latest ceiling fans in the market, the Radical DC is a stand out piece that can contrast effectively with its bold matte black colour into a light ceiling. A hit amongst professional designers and architects for their looks, this energy efficient DC fan is fast becoming a hit.

Concept 2: An everlasting popular model, this upgraded version by Hunter Pacific is a classic ceiling fan great for bedroom and living settings. The Concept 2 has a durable AC motor and outstanding performer of excellent airflow. Not to mention suitable for all environments due to its coastal rating.

Quantum DC: A versatile ceiling fan that is the perfect accessory to any industrial styled room. Manufactured by Aero DC, the Quantum DC is unbelievably quiet with an eco-saving DC motor emitting minimal emissions. The Quantum DC features a distinctive interior design that gives an added edge to any ceiling. Choices available of 2-4 blades are dependent on your requirements. The Quantum DC keeps the environment sustainable with LED light options.

Intercept 2: A favourite, the Intercept 2 is an iconic ceiling fan, with a bold matte black shade and timber crafted blades. The Intercept 2 is an attention grabber that can suit all indoor home environments – invest wisely with the fully functional and conventional ceiling fan by Hunter Pacific.

view all black ceiling fans

black dc ceiling fan

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‘Brilliant Miami’ Ceiling Fan Value for Money Choice

‘Brilliant Miami’ Ceiling Fan Value for Money Choice!

The Miami Ceiling fan is a part of our 2016 summer sale, along with many more heavily reduced ceiling fans to view all at the lowest price guaranteed click here

The Miami ceiling fan has a timeless design with four durable timber blades and a sleek blade span of 48”.

This package has an integrated E27 light and 3 speed infra-red remote control. The fan is white with white blades.

Searching for a featured packed ceiling fan at an extremely low price is rare to find in today’s market.

The Miami is an inexpensive and affordable choice; other manufacturer’s producing ceiling fans of this style and make are associated with a hefty price tag. You won’t find a similar high-grade ceiling fan for such affordability.

The Miami is a quality designed ceiling fan at a minimal price point that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars! With all the features and functionality one desires for an overall outstanding performance based ceiling fan.

The reasonably priced Miami will do wonders as a compact ceiling fan for the interior of an apartment or small home space – adding value indoors to a confined area. The only regret you’ll have is that you should have purchased the fan sooner!

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Our DC Ceiling Fan Picks for Summer 2015-16

Our DC Ceiling Fan Picks for Summer 2015-16

Summer is fast approaching – with early heat waves letting us know it is going to be a long and hot one. So it’s time to get around to getting those ceiling fans and get them into the ceiling before the next heat waves hits!

We’ve picked two of our favourite DC fans for this summer as our best buys this summer 2015/16 to tell you about – the Eco Motion DC and the Milano DC.

One of the reasons we rate these DC fans is that they are both modern 4 blade 52” fans that come in white or brushed chrome, and they both have a light option and include remotes. This means that they are going to be a good choice for almost anyone.

The Eco Motion is the best value for money DC fan on the market. It features 5 speeds as well as a timer function on the remote. It is reversible so it can be used in winter to keep the hot air down. It’s smart, modern look will suit most locations, and its metal blades at a 21degree pitch mean it definitely moves lots of air on the higher speeds! The Eco Motion model with light is a great option for a DC fan with light and remote package. The light takes 2 x B22 globes (max 15w) that can be LED, Compact Fluorescent or Halogen – giving you lots of flexibility in achieving just the amount and type of light you want for that room.

The Milano DC is the latest addition to the Milano range, which has long been a popular fan for a really minimalist, high quality finish fan, favoured by many designers. Its 4 timber blades insert directly into the motor, contributing to its timeless design. The Milano DC offers 6 speeds and for the model with light – a dimmable LED light fitting which fits an 18W Warm white globe.

Both fans are pretty new to the market and both are from well established brands – Fanco for the Eco Motion and Cinni for the Milano. We’ve tested these ourselves, and we’ve also had a great feedback from our customers so far. Both fans also come with in-home warranties, so if there are any issues that need an electrician to fix, it will all be taken care of for you.

So what are you waiting for?!

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Aeratron Ceiling Fan Range Expanded!

The much loved and hugely popular Aeratron ceiling fan range has been extended this year to include more variety in sizes, colour and functionality. The popular e500 series which included the e502 and e503 models, are being superseded by the new AE series which launched early 2015.

While the original Aeratron was available in a 49.5″ blade span model, the new AE Aeratron range has two available sizes; 50″ and 60″ models.

The new AE fans still come in the staple colours of White, Silver and Black, however Aeratron have also added Dark Walnut and Light Pine to the range for something a bit different.

The AE Aeratron ceiling fans now have the option to add a light. A light accessory can be purchased which replaces the middle section of the fan with a part that has an integrated 6w LED. These are available for both the two and three blade designs in both sizes.

The expansion of the Aeratron range gives you more choice and functionality to suit your requirements while keeping its popular style and energy efficiency. We expect this range to continue its popularity into Summer 2015/2016.

View All Aeratron Ceiling Fans Here.

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Ceiling Fans with Warm lights!

Here at Ceiling Fans Warehouse we get a lot of customers who want fans with lights, and they want energy saving lights but not the ones with the harsh cool white globes! This may be especially important for bedrooms. Great news, we have plenty of options for you. There are too many to just list, but we can give you a general guide.

Many fans can have lights, either they come with their own ‘integrated’ or built in light, or they are light adaptable and this means you can choose from a range of fan lights. Fans which have integrated lights sometimes just have one globe fitting option, and some have 2 or 3 choices. With fan lights that are adaptable to different fan models, you also have some models which only have one globe fitting and others which have several. As there are so many options, the best way is to narrow down first the fans you like, then look at the light options.

Within the globe fitting options, there are two main possibilities. The first is that it only takes one specific type of globe. This is mostly a more unusual globe, like an LED or other type of energy saving globe. These models often come with a cool white globe or warm light globe included. Our most popular warm light LED is the Fanco Urban Ceiling Fan with 24w LED Light, fan available in a white or brushed aluminium finish.

The second possibility is that it is a globe fitting which takes a certain size of either Edison or Bayonet globes, but that can be halogen, energy saving fluorescent or LED. You will therefore have more flexibility with this option. These fittings normally have a limitation of a maximum wattage (eg max watt 40w per globe). This means that you can use the type of globe you prefer, as long as it meets this requirement. The current options that are usually available are normal halogen globes (always warm white), energy saving halogen (saves about 30%, also always warm white), energy saving fluoro (saves more, and have a choice of warm or cool white – check the globe box), and sometimes even LED globes will fit!

So as you can see, most of the time you will be able to find a warm white globe solution for your light. If you need any help, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff!

Quick links:
Ceiling Fans with LED Light
Ceiling Fans with Light

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NEW! Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fan – The Full Package!

At Ceiling Fans Warehouse, we get that you want to get bang for your buck, and that does not have to mean sacrificing quality, style or functionality. We also get that you want the whole package – life is too busy to spend heaps of time choosing a fan and then working out all the things to go with it, and making sure you are still getting a good deal. That is why we like to do the work, and have it ready to go for all you busy bees out there. So when a new fan comes along and already meets all this criteria, well, we get pretty excited. The latest fan to excite us is the Eco Motion DC ceiling fan.

So what you need to know is:

  • Great price
  • Great air movement
  • Energy efficient DC motor – so will keep your energy use to a minimum
  • Remote included, which has 6 speeds AND reverse summer/winter function on the remote!
  • Package with light available
  • Quality material – option of 304 Stainless Steel blades (silver model)
  • White or Silver finish to match any decor
  • In stock ready to be dispatched!


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Brilliant Blend Of Design, Function & Efficiency – Galaxy DC Ceiling Fan

One of the newest and sharpest DC ceiling fan models on the market is the Brilliant Galaxy. It has a flowing, three bladed design and comes in your standard White and Silver, but also an elegant Antique Bronze colour. The design of its solid timber blades create a unique Italian inspired designed style. It has a great blade pitch – 20 degrees, which together with its quality motor, contribute to its generous air movement. Its DC motor means there is no motor noise, even on the high speeds.

The Galaxy ceiling fan comes with a remote control with 6 speeds and the reverse function, which means it can be used in summer for cooling or winter for keeping hot air down at ground level. It can be installed on flat ceilings or raked ceilings up to 32 degrees. Extension rods are available to lower it for installation on high ceilings.

Like quite a few of the DC fans on the market, one limitation of the Galaxy is that it is not available with a light. Brilliant offers a great warranty for the Galaxy fan, 2 years in home and another 3 years replacement motor. So you can feel confident that you will have a fan that lasts! We are excited to include the Brilliant Galaxy in our range to offer a really stunning, sophisticated design, which is also energy efficient boasts many great features.

View All Galaxy Fans


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What is the DC Ceiling Fan of your Choice?

Struggling With A Ceiling Fan Choice? Here are our top rated picks for 2018

July 2018 Update

Fanco Origin DC – Apart from its November 2017 Choice Rating, the best thing about the Origin is its remarkable shape. The unique curvature of the body and blades moves 13,446 cubic metres of air an hour. But the shape also accommodates an LED light bulb if the base cap is removed. Adding a light to a ceiling fan usually completely changes its shape, but the Origin maintains its look with or without a light.

Vento Swish DC – The Swish is sure to turn heads when it makes its Australian debut. Its award winning designer, Karim Rashid teamed up with Vento to create a truly innovative ceiling fan . The Swish’s DC motor and whimsical looping design creates virtually no sound when the fan is in operation.  It has a diameter measuring just 48 inches and generates an airflow of 8, 665 m3/hr, proving once and for all that great design can come in small packages.


Fanco Eco Silent DC – For a more classical style, look no further than the Eco Silent. Like the Swish, the Eco Silent aspires to make as little noise as possible when it is switched on. There are five versions available in the Eco Silent range. The white model allows the choice of adding a light to either the 48″ or 52″ size. The black colour is only available without a light in the 52″ size.

Fanco Eco Breeze DC- Another recent addition to the Fanco range, the Eco Breeze has a tapered motor which creates a pleasing shape. This is particularly true for the model with the light option, as the light lengthens the fan, almost capping off the look.  Like all of our other 2018 picks, the Eco Breeze promises to deliver a strong performance. It uses as little as 4 watts on its lowest setting and can rotate as many as 175 times per minute.



Fanco Infinity-i DC Ceiling Fan – The Infinity has been upgraded since it first made our list of favourites a few years back. It still has the popular Scandinavian slimline design, but can now be installed on angled ceilings. It also has a light option available. With a damp rated IP rating, the Infinity DC is suitable for both indoor and outdoor undercover areas.



Aeratron AE3 & Aeratron AE2 DC Ceiling Fans – This is not the first time we’ve given the Aeratron the nod, but there’s no overlooking this range. The AE2’s design looks deceptively simple but the pair of asymmetrical blades are responsible for the fan’s high airflow. The AE3 applies the range’s signature flicked blades to a 3 bladed model, which elevates the design without complicating things.


Atlas Irene DC Ceiling Fan – The Irene is another returning champion. Its unique design is inspired by aviation forms, and is available in a wide range of motors and colours. With solid wood blades, the Irene-3 and Irene-4 will stand out in any room. It’s suitable for both indoors and undercover outdoor areas.

October 2016 Update

Fanco Eco Motion DC Ceiling Fan – The highly rated Eco Motion ceiling fan is known for its efficiency, affordability and durability. With a list of excellent features such as its high airflow, a LED light option, remote control as standard and a 5 speed DC motor, the Eco Motion is continuing to be a popular choice of ceiling fan in Australia. For more information visit: Top Choices for Summer

Hunter Pacific Revolution Ceiling Fan – With a stunning slimline design, the Revolution caters to modern homes with its architectural form. With an IP rating of IP44, it is also well loved as an alfresco ceiling fan. With varying models with and without DC motor and available with wall control or remote control, the Revolution is a great ceiling fan option. For more information visit: Revolutionise Your Space with the Revolution 2

Mercator City DC Ceiling Fan – With its curved quality plastic blades, DC motor and light option, it is no wonder the City DC ceiling fan is another popular pick for this coming summer. One of the main advantages of the City is its low profile (hugger) design, meaning it is great for places with low ceilings.

Mercator Manly DC Ceiling Fan – Similar in design to the City above, the Manly offers the same great features but has a more standard look when installed.
Milano DC Ceiling Fan – Well known for its powerful air movement and modern design, the Milano ceiling fan collection is a popular choice for modern homes. Models available with LED light and remote control and varying colours.

Mercator Trinidad II DC Ceiling Fan – A striking fan, the Trindad II ceiling fan offers great performance with a modern design. Available with LED light it can be a very functional and beautiful addition to a room.

Mercator Grange DC – A steady favourite, the Grange DC ceiling fan is both energy efficient and offers a popular style.

AeroDC Quantum DC Ceiling Fan – Configure the Quantum ceiling fan to suit your taste, install with either 3 or 4 blades. The Quantum DC is energy efficient with quiet plywood blades and the option or a warm or cool LED light. With excellent performance, this fan is a solid ceiling fan choice.

2014 Update

For those invested in saving energy, the range of DC motor ceiling fans is getting bigger. DC motor ceilings fans are fans which have a DC motor, meaning they can function using less electricity, and then have a converter inside to be able to connect to our normal AC electricity grid. This complicated, and new technology, is part of what makes these fans more expensive than their regular AC motor counterparts. However, saving electricity means you will be savings dollars too!

Available Now:

Aeratron Ceiling Fans
The Aeratron is just about the ceiling fan which uses the least amount of energy. There is a 2 blade and 3 blade model, and they both move a great amount of air. It is super quiet and has a unique, modern design.

Galaxy Ceiling Fans
The Galaxy by Brilliant is a 54” fan with 3 handcrafted solid timber blades whose unique shape create a flowing effect. It has a 36w DC motor and offers 6 speeds giving you a wide range of choice for air movement.

Grange DC Ceiling Fans
The Grange DC is perfect for those looking for a discreet ceiling fan that will blend in to any space. There is an LED light and no light model, and it comes in White or a modern Brushed Steel.
The Regent is a lovely DC fan which will suit a traditional and art-deco style room. It has a Brushed Chrome motor and two choices of blade colour – a natural timber colour, and black. It is also light adaptable.

Coming Soon:

Eco Motion DC
The Eco Motion DC ceiling fan is on its way, bringing a great new option to the DC range. This fan has a simple, industrial style, with 4 metal blades and a 21 degree blade pitch. The great thing about the Eco Motion is that you can get a DC fan with a simple design, the flexibility of with or without light, and importantly, at a very affordable price!

Australian brand Hunter Pacific have been producing great quality fans for over 3 decades now, and their latest model, the Radical, is no exception. In addition to having a stunning design and DC motor, this fan is perfect for coastal locations and undercover outdoor locations. It has an impressive 60” diameter with 3 plastic blades.
The Whirl by Brilliant is one of the most distinct ceiling fans. It has warped clear blades, and is just 44” in diameter, a great option for those small spaces. This fan may be small, but it will certainly stand out!
The Maelstrom brings a DC motor to commercial ceiling fans. It has a huge 84” (2.14m) diameter and 6 metal blades. It is extremely powerful, perfect for gyms, factories and other large areas.

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To Remote Or Not To Remote


One of the most obvious differences between ceiling fans in the type of control they use. Deciding which type of control you would like isn’t always easy and there are a few things to keep in mind before you make your choice.

Ceiling fans have three types of controls:

  • Remote controls.
  • Wall control
  • Pull cord: The original method was to pull a cord hanging from the motor. It turns the fan on and off and sometimes change speeds. This option is still available in some traditionally styled fans.

Generally when you buy a fan, it will come with just one of these control methods included, but many will have the option of using another method instead at an extra cost. Not all fans have the option of a remote control, but most do. Some will have it as the standard form of control. Others will have a pull cord or wall control and offer the remote as an optional extra.

Ceiling fans with remotes offer many advantages, but they are not the right solution for everyone. Sometimes they are necessary, sometimes they are more convenient, and sometimes you are better off without them!

When you need to have a remote control

There are cases where installing a fan will only be possible with a remote control.  You may not have access to run the wiring through the ceiling and down the wall to install a wall control.  This is common for apartments with another floor above them, where there is no access the wiring in the ceiling. However, there is a light in the room, so you can replace the light with a fan and light, and use a remote option to control both.

You will also need a remote control is if it is the only option for the fan model you choose. This is especially true for DC fans – which currently are only available with remote controls. So you might solve the problem of whether to use a remote when you choose your ceiling fan.

When a remote control is optional

If accessing the wiring is not a problem, you may still find a remote more convenient:

  • In a bedroom, a remote will allow you to turn the fan on and off from bed.
  • If you have more than one fan: In a large space (such as a living room or restaurant) where you  want to your fans simultaneously (ie they all turn on together). In this case, you can install radio frequency remotes, set them all on the same frequency. They will all turn on and on to the same speed from the one remote control handset.

When you are better off avoiding a remote control!

There are some cases where you may be better off avoiding a remote control for your ceiling fan:

  • When you are on a limited budget. Remotes will usually add about $50-$100 to the cost of the fan.
  • If you think the remote may get lost. This is sometimes a concern for people who have young children or pets in the house. You can get around this by choosing a model which comes with a cradle for the remote.
  • If you don’t want to avoid replacing batteries. If you do not want to deal with flat batteries in the remote, a wall control or pull cord is a better option.
  • Finally, remotes will break down over time and need to be replaced. Pull cords and wall controls are more durable ( unless some external factors causes damage to them) so they need less maintenance.
  • If you are noise sensitive. Most remote controls create a beep sound to indicate that the handset and receiver are communicating properly. This also happens when the isolation switch is turned on, to indicate that power is going to the receiver. It’s possible to switch this off on some remotes, so if something you’re concerned about please contact us for suggestions.

So it’s really up to you if you decide ‘to remote or not to remote’. It depends on your situation, your preferences, and your budget!

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Fan blades: It’s not just size that counts!

A fan blade is a fan blade, right? Yes, but there is a bit more science to it. There are many factors which affect how effective a blade (or to be more precise, a set of blades) will be in moving air.


Size (Length) – The longer the blades are, the larger area they will cover. As a general rule, you can expect to feel the air a metre further than the diameter of the fan blades. The standard size you will find today is 52” (1.3m diameter), and this is a good size for most situations. However, there are large ceiling fans which go up to a 2m diameter. And of course, for very small areas, you might only need a small fan, and these are available too!

Weight/Material – As you can imagine, a heavier blade will move more air than a lighter blade. Most blades do not vary very much in weight. However, there are some fans which use very light materials, such as real palm leaves, to create a tropical look. These fans will still move air, but less than fans with plastic, timber or metal blades. Just a matter of balancing how much you want the fan for looks and how much you need it to move air!

Shape – A blade which is too wide will be less effective as it will create too much weight on the motor and this will mean the fan will not reach optimum speed. As a result, you will get less air movement.

Pitch – A decent pitch is very important to moving air. A blade which is at a flat angle won’t push any air down. Of course, you don’t want to take it to extremes because a blade with too much pitch won’t be effective either! A decent pitch is normally between 12 and 22degrees.

Quantity – Contrary to popular opinion, when it comes to ceiling fans blades, less equals more. All other things being equal, a fan with 3 blades will move more air than a fan with 4 or 5 blades.

So how do I choose?! In reality, you won’t get a lot of choice because most of these factors are fixed. The manufacturers take these factors into account and try to balance function and aesthetics. The next best option is to talk to a ceiling fans expert and explain what you need to them! You can discuss your needs with our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff on the phone and have your order shipped to you. It couldn’t be easier!

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Ceiling Fans With Light And Remote

Ceiling fans are becoming more and more functional, energy efficient and stylish as demand for these features increase. Ceiling fans with light and remote are one of our most popular packages with options for LED light and modern remotes to fulfill the need for extra functionality.

Many ceiling fans are installed in place of a light in a room at the central point therefore to maintain the light output in a room, a ceiling fan with light is a great solution. Additionally a remote is not just an operational convenience, it can also make installation faster and easier without the need to run additional wires. Most remotes will come standard with a wall bracket so it can be placed neatly on your wall while you can have it accessible to you from the comfort of your couch or bed as well!

Some of our most popular ceiling fans with light and remote options are the Mercator Grange ceiling fan with light and remote and the Urban 2 ceiling fan with light and remote.

The Grange is an exceptional fan with the option to purchase a DC motor model that offers great energy efficiency as well as the option for a LED light to further its energy saving, all while having a modern design. Its DC motor coupled with its timber blades make this one of the quietest ceiling fans on the market. A remote control is standard for this fan and offers 6 selectable speeds.

The Urban 2 ceiling fan is another modern timber bladed ceiling fan that brings together great airflow with the options of light and remote. Choose between a LED or E27 light kit and two stylish colours.

So when searching for a ceiling fan, ask yourself what functionality you require for your room as we have a range of fantastic package deals to suit any installation.

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Ceiling Fans, And More Ceiling Fans!

Over the past 6 months, the team here at Ceiling Fans Warehouse have worked hard to make more and more ceiling fans available to you. We now have over 70 models! We pride ourselves not only on our excellent prices, but also our wide range so you can come to enjoy our great prices no matter what what you need.

As a specialised ceiling fan online retailer, we can offer you a huge range of fans from a variety of brands including Hunter Pacific, Fanco, Martec, Mercator, Hunter, Fanimation, Brilliant, Vento, Emerson and Omega. If you need advice, feel free to complete an enquiry form here.

The most recent additions to our range are fans from the reputable Hunter ceiling fan range, and more extensive range of Mercator ceiling fans.


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Get your Ceiling Fan into Winter Gear

Did you know your fan probably has a winter setting? This simply means that it rotates clockwise instead of anti-clockwise like in summer. This has the effect of pulling air up instead of pushing air down. So why would this help you? Well, by pushing the air that is below up to the ceiling, the hotter air, which is sitting up above the ceiling fan, gets circulated down. Hence, you keep the hot air down instead of losing it up near the ceiling. This can be especially handy for those with very high ceilings.

You only need to run the fan on low speed, and you shouldn’t really feel the breeze – only very slightly if you do. By making better use of this hot air, you can keep your heater settings on lower, and therefore save on energy and consequently quite a few dollars! Fans only use minimal electricity to run on low speed, most around 15-20watts, which is the same as an energy saving light bulb!

To find your winter/summer setting, simply check the body of the motor of the fan. There is usually a switch on the motor and it will often have a sticker labeling which setting is summer and which is winter. Alternatively, if you have a DC motor fan, your summer/winter reverse switch will probably be on the remote control.

If you are not sure if the ceiling fan you are interested in has this winter setting option, you will usually find this information in the “Additional Information” tab on the individual product pages. There should be a line headed “Reversible” and there it will say whether it is “reversible by remote”, or “reversible by motor”. If it is reversible by remote, this means that you can select to operate the fan in reverse (winter mode) from a control on your remote. If it is reversible from the motor, there is likely a switch on the motor to change to winter mode.

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Not Too Late To Buy A Ceiling Fan

As summer continues to give us lovely sunny days and warm weather you may think you’ve missed the prime opportunity to purchase a ceiling fan. However it is never too late to buy a ceiling fan – and here’s why.

Purchasing and installing a ceiling fan is an all-seasons activity. Some even prefer it.

What many people do not think of is that an electrician in most cases is needed to install your ceiling fans, and not surprisingly they can be hard to book in the lead up to summer. Therefore even if you have missed your chance this summer, getting your fans up and running in alternative seasons isn’t a bad idea at all!

Additionally, a ceiling fan can be a great asset through winter as well. Many ceiling fans come with a summer and winter setting which means you can switch the rotation of the fan to help distribute and provide cool air in summer, then help distribute warm air in winter. This mode is usually changeable from the motor, however some have the functionality available on their remote control. View the specifications and features of each fan to look out for a “summer / winter mode”.

So just because the brunt of summer has passed doesn’t mean you have missed the best opportunity to make full use of a ceiling fan. Utilise your fan in all seasons and especially be prepared before next summer.

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Pedestal Fans vs Ceilings Fans

Pedestal Fans versus Ceilings Fans

So, summer has arrived and you’ve been thinking about getting a fan. The question is, to get a pedestal (or wall mounted) fan, or a ceiling fan?

There are, of course, advantages of each option, see our lists below to work out which option will best suit you!

Advantages of Pedestal/wall mounted fans:

  • Very quick fix! You can pick one up when you start getting hot and use it straight away!
  • If you have an existing powerpoint, you won’t need an electrician (just a handy person), so you can save some serious $$$
  • You can put them away when you are not using them
  • With pedestal fans, you can move them around the house easily, allowing you to point them exactly where you need the air!
  • Pedestal (and desk) fans are great for renting – you don’t need permission and you can take them with you when you go!
  • Good for rooms with particularly low ceilings, you can have the fan standing or mount it on the wall. The cage over the blades adds to security when it is in reach.
  • Great for when installing a ceiling fan is too expensive or costly, due to difficulty accessing the ceiling, the wiring etc

See our range of pedestal fans including wall, floor, desk and commercial fans at our sister site Pedestal Fans Warehouse.

Advantages of Ceiling fans

  • Use the least electricity – for an AC motor fan, about 15-20watts on low speeds, and for a DC motor fan, about 1-4watts on low speed!
  • Lot’s more options of style, and you can really add to the decor of the property, check out our really cool Designer fans and tropical fans for example!
  • Majority can have a light on them, so you can just have one fixture which has both fan and light.
  • Good quality ceiling fans are totally quiet, you may only get a bit of air movement noise, like a whooshing – from some particularly powerful fans when they are on high speed.
  • Good quality fans also usually have great warranties – including an ‘in-home’ component, which means the manufacturer will organise and cover the cost of the electrician if there is a fault or problem which requires this.
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How to Choose Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans can provide much needed cooling when outside. We have a great range of outdoor ceiling fans that match with your home’s architecture from traditional styles to modern and tropical designs.

With the heat of the Australian summer, outdoor areas are hugely popular in both traditional and modern homes. Alfresco / patio areas are being built as standard in new homes as well as being top on the list for renovations.

How do you know what fans can be installed outdoors?

The majority of ceiling fans are designed for indoor use, so they cannot be used in outdoor areas. Even if you install your fan in an undercover area with only one wall open to the outdoors, moisture will still find its way into your fan and cause damage.

So when looking for a fan for the outdoors, you will need to firstly assess the environment around you.

Ask yourself:
1. Do I live in a coastal area?
2. Will the fan be installed where it may be exposed to water reaching it?

Take great attention to the IP rating of a fan as it is an internationally recognised rating. These ratings are attributed to whether the fan can withstand water ingress and/or water penetration.

IP44 – suitable for wet locations, tested for water splashing against the enclosure from any direction.

Damp Rated – suitable for fully covered outdoor areas.

316 Stainless Steel – suitable for fully covered outdoor areas.

Coastal – not all outdoor fans are resistant to salt spray, so if you live in a coastal area, make sure your fan is coastal rated.

Materials For Outdoors

You will need all weather resistant material for your outdoor ceiling fan. While timber blades will absorb moisture, all weather plastic blades and stainless steel blades are what to look for.

Disclaimer – please note that all advise and information provided on this website is for guidance only and may not take into consideration your specific environment and other factors.

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Outdoor Ceiling Fan Sale

Check out our new Outdoor ceiling fan range! We have some new fans added to our collection so we now have a wide range of styles to suit all your outdoor fan areas.

Outdoor ceiling fans are great for patio, gazebo, BBQ and alfresco areas to help cool your social outdoor get-togethers this summer. There are a range of ceiling fans to cater for the outdoor environment from damp rated fans to wet rated and IP44 rated fans. Our range includes styles that can be installed in coastal locations also. Each of our product listings have an indicator to the rating of the ceiling fan for installation.

Our outdoor ceiling fans include the Verandah, Revolution, Typhoon, Eco2, Louvre, Zonix, Loft and Attitude ceiling fans.

With the summer countdown now on, see our outdoor ceiling fan specials.

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Summer Ceiling Fan Specials

As the sun is heating up, so are our summer specials! Ceiling fan packages with light and remote are a popular choice for all rooms in the house as they have dual functionality while they enable an easy installation and ongoing easy operation with the remote. Some popular choices are the Primo ceiling fan with light and remote.

We advice our customers to plan ahead as electricians get busier and busier as the weather warms up. It is expected that we will have a very good summer this 2013 / 2014.

We also have stock of the majority of the Top Rated ceiling fans of this season. Check out the Hunter Pacific Typhoon in stainless steel perfect for Patio and Alfresco areas and the Revolution ceiling fan also by Hunter Pacific.

Other popular fans for this summer include the NEW Fanco Urban ceiling fan with LED light – perfect living room ceiling fan with great energy efficiency, and the Mercator Pisa ceiling fan range.

We have a huge range of ceiling fans at discounted prices.

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Under $100 Fan Deals! Spring Sale

Fan Sale
With Spring underway, it is a great time to take control of your cooling needs. To help you, we have a new specials page that gives you fantastic cooling solution deals ALL UNDER $100!!

We have ceiling fans, pedestal fans, desk fans and wall fans all for Under $100 this Spring Sale.

Get ready for Summer before it’s too late. Grab a bargain today! >>VIEW HERE

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Hunter Pacific Penta Ceiling Fan ON SALE

Hunter Pacific Penta Ceiling Fan Now On Sale!

Hunter Pacific’s Penta ceiling fan contains 5 blades, operates at 3 speeds and can be reversed for summer and winter use. Designed in Australia, the Penta fan has beautiful art deco features and is suitable for the indoors. It is pull cord operated and is from the Hunter Pacific Majestic collection of fans.

Take advantage of these incredible prices.

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Ceiling Fans With DC Motors

What is so special about ceiling fans with DC motors? DC motors in ceiling fans are becoming more and more popular considering their numerous features. As well as being energy efficient with its 40w motor, it is a quiet performer and has the ability to function with 6 speed settings. These features make it a great bedroom fan. We have two ceiling fans with DC motors available. There is the Regent Ceiling Fan which comes with a remote control and is available with light options, the other is the new Grange which has just appeared on the market as an advanced model of the original popular Mercator Grange. The new Grange comes with a DC motor with LED light and Remote making it one of the most efficient fans around today.

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NEW!! Mercator Grange Ceiling Fan With DC MOTOR + LED LIGHT + REMOTE

This new model Grange ceiling fan from Mercator is full of features. This new Grange ceiling fan has a 40w DC motor which is both energy efficient and operates very quietly. It’s LED light brings another aspect of energy saving to this fan package making it one of the most economical ceiling fans on the market today. Check out our fantastic launch prices!

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