Not Too Late To Buy A Ceiling Fan

As summer continues to give us lovely sunny days and warm weather you may think you’ve missed the prime opportunity to purchase a ceiling fan. However it is never too late to buy a ceiling fan – and here’s why.

Purchasing and installing a ceiling fan is an all-seasons activity. Some even prefer it.

What many people do not think of is that an electrician in most cases is needed to install your ceiling fans, and not surprisingly they can be hard to book in the lead up to summer. Therefore even if you have missed your chance this summer, getting your fans up and running in alternative seasons isn’t a bad idea at all!

Additionally, a ceiling fan can be a great asset through winter as well. Many ceiling fans come with a summer and winter setting which means you can switch the rotation of the fan to help distribute and provide cool air in summer, then help distribute warm air in winter. This mode is usually changeable from the motor, however some have the functionality available on their remote control. View the specifications and features of each fan to look out for a “summer / winter mode”.

So just because the brunt of summer has passed doesn’t mean you have missed the best opportunity to make full use of a ceiling fan. Utilise your fan in all seasons and especially be prepared before next summer.